Stone masonry works

One of the oldest handicrafts in the world

The tradition of stone masonry works in Obernkirchen dates back 1,000 years - a tradition that has been passed down from one generation to the next. We naturally still train stonemasons in our workshop to this day.

And to this day we make very sure that our employees learn and master the fine art of stone masonry. Shaping artificial stones, composite slabs or even working with angle grinders - this is not how we define artistic craftsmanship. You can expect traditional hand-crafted products from us - of the highest quality and precision.

Royal families and the European nobility commission us to restore their castles and residences. For the work commissioned by the Dutch government on the Royal Palace in Amsterdam alone, nearly 30 stonemasons were working in unison on the challenging task, which even included some sculpturing, in 2009.

All kinds of tracery, pinnacles, pillars, crockets, surrounds, friezes. Historical fireplaces or massive pillars, surrounds for the cathedral church in Roskilde/Denmark, a hand-crafted well that weighed several tons for the monastery in Loccum/Netherlands, cornices for the lighthouse in Skagen/Denmark - the work performed by our stonemasons is artistic and matches the requisite style. Since we are constantly working on historical commissions, we have acquired the routine and professionalism needed to execute your works. Guaranteeing you the highest levels of craftsmanship quality.

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