Cathedral of Minden

After 1062:. Reconstruction of the Minden cathedral with OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN® because during the visit of King Henry IV on 05.19.1062 (Pentecost) in a dispute between the imperial entourage and the citizens a fire broke out which destroyed the Minden Cathedral and the city.

This resulted in a new building, which is called with regard to its client "Eilbert-Dom". Here, the powerful West plant was changed and the front preceded by a hall. It forms the lower part of today's paradise. The sacristy dates from this period.

 From beautiful jewelry floor remains were discovered during excavations. Political circumstances, such as the reduction of imperial power, led in 1152 to the renovation of the West plant, said today West latch originated. Now between the two lower stair towers, the higher bell tower was erected.

Even paradise has received around 1160/70 one upstairs. A door in the north tower joined Bishop's Palace and Cathedral together. So the bishop could enter directly from the floor of the palace the West bars and attend the service in the "royal box" with his guests.

During this time, the high Romanesque choir bay in the Rhenish style originated. Probably was built additionally choir flanking towers and a ring crypt, but then fell to the construction of the high Gothic choir polygon victim. Mid-13th century was tackled a new basilikales longhouse, but still during the construction decision was made for today's Gothic church.

From the early days of this building phase (mid-13th century), the late Romanesque transept and the sacristy floor originate. Around this time, the outer crypt was canceled. The completion of works form the present-day choir polygon, the rose window in the north transept and the window tracery in the south transept to 1350th

Thus the cathedral was completed. Almost 600 years it remained virtually unchanged until 1945 Minden bombed in March and the cathedral was almost completely destroyed. In the 1950s, the style Adjusted Reconstruction headed by Werner March took place. In June 2009, the reconstruction of war-damaged roof rider was decided.
11. Jahrhundert, Mindener Dom Kaiser Heinrich IV. 11. Jahrhundert, Mindener Dom, Steinmetzarbeiten 11. Jahrhundert, Mindener Dom, Portal

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