Victory Column, Berlin, Germany

1873. The Victory Column is built in Berlin from OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN® middle of the Tiergarten . 
Occasion for the edification of the Victory Column was Prussia's victory in the German-Danish War 1864th Within a few years another two victorious wars were added . The German War of 1866 against Austria and the Franco-German war 1870/1871 .
On these three wins will be remembered by the three original segments , where a bronze sculpture was placed . Was inaugurated the Victory Column on the third anniversary of the victorious Battle of Sedan ( Sedanstag ) , 2 September 1873, when a national monument of wars of unification . 1938/1939 was the pillar from the Republic Square to its present location , the big star , moved and expanded to include a fourth column drum from OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN® . As part of the US presidential election campaign, Barack Obama helt
a speech on 24 July 2008 in front of the Victory Column .


Siegessäule Sandstein OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN © / Victory Column sandstone OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN © / Колонна Победы из песчаника OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN© 1873 Siegessäule in Berlin / 1873 Victory Column in Berlin / 1873, Колонна Победы в Берлине 1938 Siegessäule  / 1938 Victory Column / 1938, Колонна Победы Barack Obama, am Fuße der Siegessäule ( Foto Matthias Winkelmann ) / Barack Obama , at the foot of the Victory Column ( Photo Matthias Winkelmann ) / Барак Обама , у подножия Колонны Победы (Фото Matthias Винкел

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