Buildings have always been used to demonstrate power and wealth - since time began this has been true for both church dignitaries and secular rulers. The size of the building on its own is, however, not all - the material used to erect it also plays an important role. Buildings made of solid sandstone - with delicate and artistic decoration - demonstrate prosperity and influence.                       
                                                                                                     OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN® is medieval building history in Europe. The master builders in medieval times recognised the excellent quality of our sandstone very early on. We have been digging sandstone from our own quarries since the 11th century. Numerous churches, monasteries, castles, feudal residences and villas have been built during the long and varied history of our company. Even then, the sandstone was delivered to destinations, not just throughout Europe, via the Hanseatic cities of Bremen and Hamburg.     

OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN® possesses excellent resistance to frost and atmospheric conditions and is also superbly resistant to environmental influences. To this day, the delicate stone masonry works on Minden Cathedral, which were created 1,000 years ago, remain virtually unaffected by weather conditions. OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN® is therefore the obvious choice, particularly for restoration works, to preserve valuable architecture through the centuries.    

... to ensure the continued creation of valuable architecture for generations to come

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