For 1.000 years -


As one of the world's oldest active quarries, we have been supplying to projects throughout all of Europe and beyond for 1,000 years. Throughout this period, well-known master builders and architects have used our sandstone to create impressive edifices. Every single OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN® is an original piece of medieval building history in Europe.                        
We have made our mark in Northern Germany, in particular - not just in architectural but also in urban development terms. The owner of the Obernkirchen sandstone quarries, Prince Adolf III von Schauenberg (nowadays known as Schaumburg) und Holstein, for example, founded the Hanseatic city of Hamburg in the 12th century.  Even before then, his predecessor - Adolf II - had already founded the Hanseatic city of Lübeck.                       

OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN® has been a product of the Hansa since medieval times. It has been exported in massive quantities to all of Europe since the 15th century at least. The opening of the "Transatlantic Shipping Route" by merchants in Bremen (1783) marked the expansion of export business to America.                       
What used to require arduous manual labour is now produced on state of the art production systems. Although the most filigree works are still created using the traditional art of craftsmanship by our own stonemasons in Obernkirchen.       

We produce a full range of perfectly matching products to enable you to continue creating valuable architecture for many generations to come.   

Architecturally sophisticated facades and floor coverings Artistic solid stone and masonry works Stylish products for park and landscape architectures.

... to ensure the continued creation of valuable architecture for generations to come


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