Floor coverings

      Sandstone - now and always, the floor covering of choice in contemporary architecture.   
OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN® is traditionally used as a floor covering - both indoors and outdoors - in historical buildings, obviously, but just as obviously in contemporary architecture. Sandstone is generally believed to be open-pored and soft - how often have we all seen well-worn steps and flaked-off surfaces. But as is so often the case: there is always an exception. OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN®.
For 6 million visitors each year                       
Since Cologne Cathedral was finished in 1880 and meanwhile also in the 40 or so years since it was laid in Lübeck Cathedral, OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN® has had to withstand a fair amount. With 6 million visitors each year, or an average of 16,500 visitors each day, Cologne Cathedral is undoubtedly one of the most frequently visited buildings. So the challenge of coping with the load can scarcely be more severe for a floor covering - a challenge that has been ongoing for about 130 years.

But also for fewer people
Admittedly, your requirements in terms of floor covering are probably slightly different. In the two religious buildings mentioned above, load-bearing capacity and abrasion resistance were two of the primary requirements, whereas a representative appearance is probably the dominating factor for private homes, coupled with the criterion of care in office and administrative buildings. Nevertheless - all project descriptions have three things in common: the visual, acoustic and emotional objectives.

Formulating objectives
Example: The choice of floor covering for a cathedral, monastery or church is dictated by the desire to highlight the sacred and mystical atmosphere through the choice of material, the appearance, and by ensuring the right acoustics. Just imagine walking through Lübeck Cathedral on a laminate, tiled, carpeted or linoleum floor. Concrete might well ensure the right acoustics - but what about the visual and emotional requirements?

Sandstone is an impressive material - the yellowish version exudes warmth and cosiness, whereas grey sandstone creates an impression of coolness and objectivity. The manifold options for surface design add nuances to the intended emotional impact - elegant grinding, medieval hammering, rudimentary axing, sand-blasting to a velvety finish, or hand-finished to your requirements.

The standards of our clients are high - so are the standards we demand of our products. In addition to royal families and the nobility in Europe, our clients include world famous fashion designers, musicians and artists, chief executives, politicians, entrepreneurs, shipping magnates and media personalities. Generous terraces or private rooms, representative halls or conference rooms with ground sandstone slabs, impressive curved staircases with solid block steps in or on the building, pathways through parks made from hammered sandstone slabs or elaborately laid drives leading to private domiciles - we work with you or your planners to produce just what you are looking for.

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