Architecture is "Man's debate on rooms built for human use". So architecture should not only serve a purpose; it should also be a sensual experience. Users should feel at home in and with their architecture. Discussions about design and style obviously reveal different tastes - as does the choice of materials.

Nowadays, numerous parameters need to be taken into account when selecting the materials for a building. In addition to the impact on the (existing) environment, other factors are becoming increasingly important: durability, easy to care for, and a positive ratio of investment to utilisation cost. This is why natural stone is ever more frequently the material chosen once all the relevant factors have been evaluated.

We can show very clearly that buildings made of OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN® are durable and insensitive to environmental influences and therefore do not actually require any particular care: the most delicate stone masonry works on our facades have remained unchanged over more than 1,000 years - with no care, no use of chemicals, no constructive protection.
     Cost efficiency
Calculations of cost efficiency that incorporate both the manufacturing costs and the follow-on costs of a building made from OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN® are correspondingly positive. The costly and labour-intensive care of sensitive materials and renovations of building envelopes after just a few decades considerably lowers the value of a building - not just in terms of the return it generates but also in respect of the overall perception of value.  
A lot of research is being conducted to identify more environmentally-friendly means of obtaining materials and production methods that use less energy, generate fewer emissions and are more environmentally neutral. A facade made of OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN® is a purely natural product since it consists entirely of slabs cut out of a hill - the Bückeberg. This is where our sandstone, which is 140 million years old, is quarried using environmentally-friendly methods, processed and - if required - shipped to your building site using our own state of the art transportation technology - for a healthier environment.

A building material with a virtually neutral eco-balance that requires no technical care whatsoever. Economically attractive, durable, and insensitive to frost and environmental influences. A compact, fine-grained surface combined with excellent technical performance values - the same gross density as normal concrete but 4-times the compressive strength of C20/25. A building material that exudes tradition, warmth and elegance, or cool purism and objectivity. OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN® is original modernity in its purest form.

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